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In A Christmas Story, the only thing Ralphie wanted was an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle. As a lifelong Star Wars fan and collector, my "Red Ryder" air rifle was a life size R2-D2 cooler released in 1996 by Pepsi as a promotional store display. Every time I saw one for sale at a toy show or antique store, my mom would veto the purchase, telling me I didn't have space for it or it was too expensive. As an "adult", I finally had an opportunity to buy one on eBay for a mere ~$200! Without even thinking, I purchased it, only to realize the seller wouldn't ship it to me. So I had to drive from Cincinnati, Ohio to eastern Pennsylvania to pick it up from the seller... in a Walmart parking lot. It wasn't until the seller drove away that I realized I couldn't fit the cooler in my VW Jetta. After several hours of playing Tetris with an oversized cooler in a parking lot, and a long drive home in a car without A/C, I was able to add this piece to my collection. I finally had the droid I was looking for! I share this story with you because it is a classic example of the crazy things that collectors like me will do to own their most prized possessions. Collectors are like treasure hunters, and CompleteSet is their map.
@garydarna Side note-- A Christmas Story is set 2 miles from my hometown :-)
@uxandrew It is a timeless film. That bunny suit...
I've watched @garydarna build Complete Set over the years - and this app is an amazing step forward for the product. Excited to see the next steps and to finally log all those Pokemon cards I have!
Thanks @cridenour! It's great to finally have an app for everyone to enjoy. Looking forward to seeing those Pokemon cards, but it's going to be awhile before we finish archiving all of those. There's so many of them!
I love products with niche markets. This is a fun one of those! My buddies in HS collected horror movie figurines and my brother is a Star Wars nerd. This is their haven.
What trends in collection have you seen lately? What are some things coming out now that might be collectible in the future?
@uxandrew By far, one of the most popular collectibles today are the FunKo Pop vinyl figures. There's over 5000 people collecting the brand on CompleteSet and with more being released every couple weeks, it shows no signs of slowing down. See Another product that's quickly becoming collectible are 'toys to life' products like Disney Infinity and Nintendo amiibo. In fact, CompleteSet was recently used as a source by The Wall Street Journal. In an article covering the popularity of toys to life, the reporter used our data and interviewed some of our members for the story. You can read the article here:
@uxandrew As far as what will be collectible in the future, that's tough to say. In my experience, it seems like the products that are considered collectible NOW won't be in the future. When products are made to be collected and marketed as such, they tend to lose their value over time unless they are truly limited edition. For instance, when Kenner/Hasbro started releasing Star Wars toys again in the 1990s, fans and dealers speculated they'd be as valuable as the vintage ones someday. That didn't happen. In fact, the opposite occurred. They were so mass-produced that they're pretty much worthless today.
How do you monetize Complete Set?
@uxandrew We earn a commission by referring buyers to partner sites, such as eBay and Amazon. However, our current priority is to grow our community and the archives.