A community-based to-do app. Help each other GTD.

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 15, 2015
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We've seen sooooo many to-do apps but this one is quite interesting. Your tasks are public and its community is encouraged to help each other, whether it be through simple words of encouragement or event direct help (e.g. helping someone search for an affordable apartment in SF).
It might be useful if Compete provided a way for people to funnel tasks from other to-do apps they already use so that it becomes an value-add to their existing workflow and favorite apps. h/t to @ow for this find, via his article on TNW.
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Been using the Complete app beta for awhile now. It's the only GSD / to- do app that actually helped me Get s**t done. I love it!
Hi guys, I'm product/co-founder @complete_app . At your service for any questions.
Android please :-) I want to use this app and I can't afford buying an iPhone!
Neat concept. A possible long term feature could be creating a marketplace for someone to complete the tasks that are in the To Do list for a fee. Their are built-in signals from To Do lists. For example, items that sit there for days on end are more likely to be outsourced than ones that typically get completed.
@ameetshah great idea. Postmates (which just released an API), Uber, TaskRabbit, and other on-demand services could offer "one-click" solutions to help with that.
@ameetshah you are more then correct, During our tiny beta we had more then several occasions where people exchanged goods and services. Some Complete users sold stuff to each other, some other helped with towing a car, subleasing an apartment and I had my back checked by one user.
@ameetshah @rrhoover As one of our investors told me "you are creating the demand for the sharing economy". I hope he is right :)