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Raphael Ouzan
Raphael Ouzan@raphaelouzan · Founder, BillGuard
Many have tried to create smart recommendations on top of todo lists apps using computers to help you get things done but Complete's approach seems much simpler and effective: Publish tasks to people around you to let them help you. I've been using Complete for a few months now and this community is actually quite active. I see that some enjoy the sheer motivational aspects in social support to your goals. For myself, I use it to get instant answers through community members or the semi-automated assistant by tagging #gini. While it hasn't replaced my main todo app and probably never will, it's definitely my go-to app to get answers and opinion to help me pick a place for dinner, find a esoteric item or create attention to a particular project I'm working on. Looking ahead, things will really get interesting when Complete reaches the scale to bring service providers and merchants to interact with users directly on their tasks. When I was looking for a cost efficient way to book an RV for Burning Man, I would have liked Cruise America to give me a coupon after a user recommended them or would offer to call me directly.
Norm Liang
Norm Liang@normanliang · VP of Growth, Sungy Mobile
I've been using this since the beginning of Beta and its the start of something special.
Itamar Rogel
Itamar Rogel@itamarro · Co-Founder, Newsfusion
Sweet! Great team behind this.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Great job @jtzou and team. Complete's been growing on me over the past few weeks. It's one part to-do/bucket list and another part community, support system. It certainly feels more "fun" than a typical task list. P.S...
Alexander Schultz
Alexander SchultzMaker@xanderschultz · Managing Partner @ Nemean Ventures
@rrhoover nice addition
Yosi Taguri
Yosi Taguri@yosi_taguri
The most product focused team I have seen in years.