A network for collectors - nerd alert! :-) (pre-launch)

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I don't collect anything (except conference swag if that counts), but I like looking at other people's collections. The part that interested me here was the showcase. My buddy in high school collected figurines and took a lot of care and energy in displaying them. He was proud of it, but other than those who came to his room how was he supposed to display it? I think Pinterest has given a forum for displaying collections of pictures, but the features for contact, discussion, and purchase between collectors is limited on Pinterest. Likewise, eBay has the exchange part but not the contact or discussion. Where else have you seen this kind of thing?
"He who dies with the most toys wins." Love that
Thanks for featuring us! I'm one of the co-founders of CompleteSet. I can answer any questions you guys might have. We're about to launch an all new version too, so request an invite and start collecting!
@garydarna How have you decided to separate the collections? It seems like the information architecture and findability here will be really important.
@UXAndrew Great question! We believe that collectors are brands' most loyal consumers. For that reason, CompleteSet is organized into separate archives of iconic brands. All of the collectibles featured on CompleteSet are tied to at least one franchise, character or organization of some sort. This allows someone that collects Star Wars (like me) for instance to only see items from that specific franchise. With our next release (launching this week) items can be tied to multiple brands. For example, a Star Wars game for Super Nintendo would be featured as both Star Wars and Nintendo.
@garydarna Can you explain more about the showcase? Will it be my own pictures or pictures of images you have in a database from an API or something like that?
@UXAndrew One of the great things about what we're building is that it's community-driven. Like Product Hunt, we have curators who find content (i.e. collectibles) and add them to our archives. They provide the item's name, release date, country of origin, etc. Part of the curation process is finding a great image to feature with the item and crediting the photographer for its use. This can be pretty challenging to do especially for older items. Some products are so rare that only a few people have one in mint condition. The showcasing is very simple because our community has done all the work to add the items for you. All you need to do is have and want the collectibles you own or want to own.
Gary Darna, a passionate start up co-founder, has now launched his newest version of Complete Set. A treasure map for collectors and fans. He spoke about Complete Set on my daily show - episode 98 .