Complete Guide To Working From Home

A comprehensive WFH e-book for startups and individuals.

AttendanceBot is the remote working team's new best friend. From project tracking, employee scheduling & collaboration to keeping track of vacations and more, all it takes is one little bot that works out of Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangout Chat.
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We've been advocates of working from home since the beginning and it has helped us understand the nuances of remaining productive. The tools we've built at Harmonize, including AttendanceBot are for the modern distributed teams. This guide puts together everything we've learned so far and how you can adapt to this new setup too! Got any questions? Ask away. :)
A thorough guide to manage your team, from managers to employees to HR. It's an actionable guide with every resource you need to go remote.
@asiya_nayeem1 Glad you liked it. This was our first ebook! :)
Extremely helpful guide, helped our draft our remote work policy and have made our transition to remote very smooth.
@tushar71993 so glad you liked it! :)
Much needed, thank you.
@sarahthemarketer so glad you liked it! :D Is there another guide or something that you would suggest?
@vanhishikhab Perhaps the dangers of working from home alone haha!