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Mack Flavelle
Mack Flavelle@mackflavelle ·
Started poking at it today. Way more fun that I expected.
Effi Fuks
Effi FuksMaker@effifuks · COO,
@mackflavelle Thanks Mack! What made you like it?
Mack Flavelle
Mack Flavelle@mackflavelle ·
@effifuks Was (pleasantly) surprised to see honest conversation around people's task lists. To be honest it sounds like a dry problem to tackle, and "adding social" doesn't seem obvious, but like I said- poking around today was pretty cool. I think I caught a glimpse of the vision.
Nico Mage
Nico Mage@nicomage · co-founder & designer @ It Rocks Studio
I love the design! The parallax effect with the pictures is really cool.
Norm Liang
Norm Liang@normanliang · VP of Growth, Sungy Mobile
This gives me the expanded view I've wanted to keep track of my tasks and updates from the people I follow.
Jason Dainter
Jason Dainter@jasondainter · International doer of things
Adi Goldstein
Adi Goldstein@adigold1 · Adi Goldstein-Composer & Music Producer
Amazing App ! Im addicted ! :)