Compose email 2x faster

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This may take some getting used to but anything that can help me churn through email faster is worth a look for me.
Thanks @rrhoover! We'd love to hear how it's working for you. The idea is definitely to help you write emails much faster, as the suggestions are personalized for you. If you have any ideas on how to make it even easier to use please let us know. :)
I love Chrome extensions that improve efficiency. This one is like Swiftkey for email! Thanks @ohadfrankfurt!
Amazing concept. Not to be mistaken with
Any plans to take it beyond gmail? It shall be part of the OS :-)
@bilb02 Thanks Sergei. Having it as part of the OS could be awesome! We are definitely exploring more use cases beyond email.
This looks really useful. Do you have any plans to support Google Inbox?
@fredkelly Thans Freddy! we definitely look into ways to expand it beyond Gmail. Any idea is welcome. :)