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Know your competitors' moves in 5 minutes/week.

#4 Product of the WeekJuly 25, 2019
Competitors App is a competitor monitoring solution for tracking the marketing strategies of other businesses in the industry. The cloud-based app monitors emails, newsletters, blog posts, social media posts, website changes, SEO strategies, keywords, and ads
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Hey Product Hunters! 👋🏻 We've waited more than a year to launch on Product Hunt to make sure we deliver a useful product. Competitors App help marketers and marketing agencies monitor their competitors' marketing channels with minimum effort and time investment. We know we are far from perfect, but we are improving every day based on our users' feedback and support. Features (boring long list 😀) - Website changes - New page detection - SEO changes - Keywords rankings - Google & Facebook Ads - Emails (newsletters and accounts); - Social Media Performance & Activity; - Reviews. Wondering when you’ll have time to check all this data?! ⏳Ops, I've almost forgotten to tell you the coolest part! 😎 It takes only 5 MINUTES/week to read and understand your competitors’ actions, so you’re saving your precious time while winning valuable information about your competitors! 📲 We’re a small team of five people working remotely from different parts of the world. 💻🗺 We appreciate your time to test Competitors App, give feedback, and support us here. 🙏 💲Exclusive Product Hunt offer 💲: If you find it useful, leave a comment and sign up today to get 30% discount forever (30 days free trial included).
@razvan_girmacea the site and all the pages look pretty sleek, great work! Love the idea and how things are implemented so far.
I completely love! It saves so much time when it comes to competitors analysis and/or showcasing the results to the rest of the team. I definitely recommend it to all the marketers. Keep up the good work, @razvan_girmacea!
@corina_stirbu Thank you for the support Corina.
Great app, an all-in-one solution! And i'm sure a lot of great features are on the roadmap! A must-have for marketers
@sk_dub Thank you Alin. Yes, we do have a roadmap full of improvements and features :)
Amazing app!
Really useful product! I'm using it since the product was in the beta stage. It evolved very much in this 1 year. It helps me to identify all marketing moves and strategies my client's competitors are about to make!
@ugljesa_djuric1 Thanks man :) You really helped us improve.