Competitive Heatmap Analysis

Any website's heatmap data is at your fingertips

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Competitive Heatmap Analysis is a new way of doing things, a brand new branch of web analytics we created, that lets you sneak peek into any website's heatmap data in an instant, and get actionable insights in mere seconds.

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Neil Lee
Neil Lee@neilio · Product designer
Where does the data come from that created these heat maps?
@neilio educational guesses based on proximity to the top-left of the page, it has to be?
Cem Akbulut
Cem AkbulutMaker@cem_akbulut
@neilio @highaced Our behind-the-scene tech is quite complicated actually. It involves machine learning and various data partners.
mihir @mhrnik
@cem_akbulut As you shared data partners, are you buying data from 3rd party services?
Michael Facchinello
Michael Facchinello@mfacchinello · Product, HappyMeter | UX, Clique Studios
@neilio @highaced @cem_akbulut This is 100% my biggest question. Unless this is better explained the data cannot be considered credible. Also if you are one of the companies that has been indexed, how do you request your data be removed?
Pascal Briod
Pascal BriodHiring@pbriod · Head of Product & Co-Founder, Monito
@neilio That's the right question to ask. I'm wondering if they are using a technology like EyeQuant's, which uses machine learning based on thousands of in-lab eye-tracking session :
Elizabeth S Hunker
Elizabeth S Hunker@elizabethhunker ·
I would absolutely LOVE this... if it worked. @cem_akbulut
Cem Akbulut
Cem AkbulutMaker@cem_akbulut
Hey everyone! I'm the maker of this thing, and very excited launch, probably the most game-changing product we've ever built at Seotify. "Competitive Heatmap Analysis" It is, in fact, more than an app, but a new way of doing things, a brand new branch of web analytics we created, that lets you sneak peek into any website's heatmap data in an instant, and get actionable insights in mere seconds. By integrating CHA to your business, you can answer questions such as; - How people use my or my competition's website? - What can I learn from my competition's CRO strategy? - Where should I put my ads online? - What other websites do to convert better? etc etc.. Of course, a change in way of doing things always gives birth to previously unheard opportunities in various industries, CHA is no exception. To sum it up real quick. Advertising: - Find top converting spots on websites and launch winner ad campaigns. - Know exactly where visitors click on targeted websites. Ecom: - Discover your competition's top selling items and strategies, Explore what categories and products tend to sell best on special days and holidays. Sales & Marketing: - Discover poorly converting businesses to generate leads, Generate the insights you need to perfect your pitch. SEO: - Track your clients' heatmap without installing heavy plugins that slow down the website, and affect SEO performance negativaly. Want a bite of this? Give it a try here; We've also created a special coupon code for you guys. It's "producthunt35", make sure you apply at checkout!
Shreyaa Ratra
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra · Making B2B sales easy via
@cem_akbulut, This product looks wonderful. Few thoughts if you are planning to do B2B sales : a) Target recently funded SaaS and E-commerce companies. Since they have raised money, they have money in their bank accounts. They would be willing to buy a service which can help them understand user engagement on their competitive's product. b) Target companies who are hiring for product managers or SEO managers. Since these companies are already hiring for these roles, it means they are willing to spend money on SEO and product that is why hiring for these roles. What do you think ?
Tom Uhlhorn
Tom Uhlhorn@thomasoscareric · Founder, Tiny CX
Tried finding competitors' websites, none of the ones I could think of were listed. It would be good if you had an index of industries to help me search through what you've listed. Also, questioning how you've found this data - is this legal? I note that your privacy policy is currently a dead link: