Competish is the only platform that allows you to challenge your friends see who can lose the most weight. Create a group, invite friends, buy in, and then weigh in daily. Beat your match-up weekly and you win money. Beat the entire group weekly and win more! At the end of the Competish, 1st and 2nd place win the big prizes.

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Thanks so much @chrismessina! This is the very first version of our product, which we think of as a mashup of weight loss competitions and fantasy football! At it's core, Competish is an exercise in behavioral economics - we're trying to figure out the right combination of stimuli to drive your motivation and get you eating better and exercising more!
This is amazing looking. I downloaded now. Big question: What if people lie for the money?
@arecenello Hi Anthony - thanks for downloading! There are two primary ways of preventing that. 1) whomever creates the group decides who to invite - this means that the folks you are competing against are people you trust. 2) When you weigh in, you take a picture of your feet on the scale. Granted, you can still lie here. It's not perfect, but we think this eliminates most instances of cheating.
@amir_kanpurwala How are you going to scale when hundreds of people want to join a competition and we have to trust those hundreds of people?
@arecenello It's really not built for that situation - we're really only targeting people and their specific networks. There are plenty of other massively open fitness competitions (e.g., Dietbet) - that's not our model!
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