Compass by Jobtome

Analyze and identify your predominant type of intelligence.

Compass is a free self-assessment tool developed according to the cognitive learning studies of Walter McKenzie and Howard Gardner. Answer 40 questions in order to identify your major learning style. Our algorithm will show you your strengths and weaknesses.
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I don't like dancing and answered the related questions accordingly, yet one of the job suggestions I got was "choreographer" :/ I also got "cleaner" even though I would prefer to do almost anything else other than cleansing and avoid it at all costs.


Nice UI


The same encouraging message over and over again, results wildly inaccurate, clicking a job in the results page gives an error

Thanks Anna for the review. We got the feedback about the microcopy and the devs are already on refining the results. Can I ask you about the broken links? Where do you land after the redirect?

The graphic doesn't change, you always have the same, i did it, a friend did it, same graphic but not the same stats number, so it doesn't make sense visually. Stranger part, we are both designer, and had completely different stats, but really. So wondering why ?


Easy to use, the interactions are simple.


Make a individual graphic for each case. If not there is no sense putting one up that doesn't reflect your real strengths.

Great job!!😀 why don’t you send reports after users take the test.Would be helpful for more qualitative analysis of your profile. This is should be on your agenda.

Even though I said that I don't like music my career advices included the musician career, but the other ones were more relevant


This product is beautiful to see and very easy to use.


Probably you'd have to improve the algorithm that calculates the results.