Compare your biz metrics to a similar biz's. Auto-magically.

@rrhoover and @AdrianGrant and @everybodyelse Compass in its current version is free. We want to help businesses everywhere succeed and gain an objective perspective on their data. We are funded and are working on a few more products ( e.g. premium features or the new Compass Monitor) that could potentially be monetized. Don't worry: we are not selling the data nor plan to, we have very strict data privacy guidelines. Link to Compass Monitor: Privacy pledge:
I've known Bjoern for years and I've never seen anyone so focused and passioned about solving problems for others and improving their businesses. I think it shows in the product :)
Bjoern is awesome.
@bjoernlasse @SkaGarroum beautiful dashboard, fellas :) I don't see any pricing information on the site. Is it free? If so, it makes me wonder how you're making money (my guess is selling data to 3rd parties which may concern some customers).
Would love to know as well