Cross-browser website visual validation tool

Compare the display of your web design no matter the operating system, browser, and its version. Check your site for any visual bugs. Make complicated web testing easy.
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Hey Hunters, We are thrilled to present you our new solution - Comparium! Easy to use cross-browser testing tool with all the necessary functionality to facilitate your visual quality assurance routine. Copy. Paste. Compare. -- Quest Plan of the service allows to test web-sites under the following configurations: Win & Mac platforms w/o Dark Mode, latest Chrome and Firefox in 1024p width. 🔥 Here is an exclusive 30% discount for Product Hunters, for Comparium PRO 🔥 PH-30oFF PRO Plan unlocks Linux platform, more browsers and their versions and custom screen width options, along with screenshots comparison ability. Your feedback is highly appreciated!
Yes, yes, yes! Love the product and the roadmap looks extremely promising. Wonderfully easy to use and testing two browsers of our main visitors for free? Amazing. Keep it up.
@gamesfinder Thank you for your feedback. Quest (Free) plan allows to test under Windows and Mac platforms, with latest versions of Chrome and Firefox in 1024p width. Later today we will provide some discount for PRO plan, exclusively for hunters, stay tuned!
congrats on the launch, I can see my self using this tool a lot!
@yesyou Thank you for your interest and feedback. Hope you will enjoy our app, we are working on lots of new features right now, and will introduce them soon.
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