Compare Rental Bookings

Pricing and occupancy comparisons for hands-on AirBnB hosts

Compare Rental Bookings is for hands-on AirBnB hosts and managers who want to know how their properties are performing against the properties they most directly compete with for bookings. We give you data on how much bookings revenue your competitors are actually earning so you can optimize and benchmark your own pricing and maximize revenue.

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Geoff Roberts
Co-founder, Outseta
Hi Product Hunt! Geoff Roberts here, maker of As AirBnB hosts we found that AirBnB's smart pricing tool (as well as most of the other algorithmic based pricing tools on the market) very quickly dropped our nightly rates to the lowest nightly rate we allowed - we had a hunch we weren't realizing our properties' full earning potential. On top of that, we wanted to know how much revenue we were actually earning compared to the properties we most often compete with for bookings. We could get at that data, but it was a manual process that required going to each competitors' listings, searching for availability, and then multiplying that by their nightly rates. It was tedious, time consuming, and had to be repeated every time we wanted those insights. Compare Rental Booking allows you to select the properties you most directly compete against and track their pricing, occupancy, and actual earnings against your own. We even send you email updates when new bookings occur. For set-it-and-forget-it hosts, the algorithmic based tools on the market are a great fit. For more hands on hosts and managers, we give you the data you need to play a more proactive role in setting your prices to maximize your earnings. You can try the tool for yourself via a 14-day free trial: https://www.comparerentalbooking.... Any and all questions or feedback are welcomed!
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