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Confused about what to watch?

Compare movies and TV shows and make informed decisions. Watch trailers and compare stats like ratings from IMDB, TMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, runtime, genres, release date, status, season & episode details, cast, crew, overview and so on with ease.
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great idea. shame it doesn't have a user page to mark movies we seen so the recommendations would be more accurate and useful.
That's innovative product, But please maybe you can add some more info like how many user vote that's movie. So the rating is can be more relevant Good Job
It looks like a really good application for movies comparison. ANd probably it can be useful in some cases, I believe. But can I watch movie online with the help of your product? Because in my movie streaming app I have such settings like movie comparison. You can check here. So what is the reason for me to use some additional services?
I really appreciate this movies comparison app nice information you shared but i want to share one best Streaming App if you are looking for watch movies.
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