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Liora thanks for the submission, and hello fellow Hunters :) It's Jason Nazar, the co-founder and CEO of Comparably. We've built this product to make work better for everyone, by making compensation and culture dramatically more transparent. We’re lead by a team of 4 co-founders including George, Mike, & Yadid who have been building tech companies for the past 15 years (Docstoc, Yammer, Geni, DebtMarket, Investedin, Myspace, Intuit, Ebay); we’ve seen the good and bad of companies large and small… we want to give more power back to employees, close the gender pay gap, and make company cultures more transparent. Everything is 100% private & anonymous, and we’ll never share your personal data. We'd love your feedback on the product. If you have questions or comments, you can email me personally at You can also tweet me @jasonnazar or @comparably Join us in making work better and more transparent for everyone, let’s do this together.
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Man, no thanks.
@joshuapinter Josh our goal is to make work dramatically better for as many people as possible. I'm always frustrated at how company leaders talk about culture and have these random perks, but don't get to the heart of the matter, which is to treat all team members like partners in the business. Investing in company culture starts with transparency... every employee should understand what market is for their position and be able to see how their work experience really compares with their peers.
@jasonnazar Sorry, my screenshot didn't come through. My comment was only related to the sign up process, requiring email or a LinkedIn account. Seems a bit heavy for a compensation comparison.
I've had a really hard time figuring out what "market" is for my position, seniority, and location. I used to use the Wealthfront calculator but it was shut down, and it looks like they had a hard time keeping it up to date. I love the approach of "give your information to get information" to build the data set. That makes this the most reliable source I've checked so far. I didn't expect them to have so many data points for my role but it's cool to see that they've already gotten a number of responses already. The distribution seems about right. Also like the anonymous forums. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!
@liora_ thanks. Still a lot to build in and improve, this is just the first version. But yes to your point, the goal is to be able to give you the most specific and reliable comparison of salaries for people as similar to you working in as similar situations. We also going really deep into showcasing culture :)
I like the product, any plans to expend to other location besides the U.S?
@relros overtime yes Ariel. Where do you recommend we start first?
Awesome work Jason and team! What was it like launching at LAUNCH? Any highlights?
@benln thanks Ben, its a great conference and Jcal and team do an awesome job. Was great to get so much instant feedback on the product