The quickest way to know your employees' morale

CompanyMood is the quickest way to measure and increase employee satisfaction and retention. Try CompanyMood for free with up to 10 employees and find out, how your company can benefit from happy employees.

Available in English, German and French. (more coming soon)

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CompanyMood is an online service for measuring your employees' mood/morale on a weekly basis. Create your company account, invite your employees and they can track their mood within less than 30 seconds per week via browser client, iOS/Android app or terminal. Get the full overview of the current mood within your company after the first week.
Thank you very much for the hunt, Eric! We build the CompanyMood after we lost an great colleague at my former company, without knowing that he's feeling bad about his job. We wanted to build a service to get our employees mood without bothering them with big surveys all the time, that's how we came to the idea of CompanyMood - simple mood tracking, once a week via browser or apps. We also provide terminal apps for employees without an pc workplace. (like those in production, etc) If you have any questions, just write here, we (Orlando and myself) keep an open eye on this hunt. ☺️ Have an awesome day everyone! ✌️
Great execution - we really like this quick and easy way to solicit opinion from your team on an ongoing basis.
@hawkinsmike Thank you very much. 👍 Yeah, it's important to get feedback on a regular basis. This way it's possible to see ongoing problems already in emergence and it's mostly easy and cheap to help the employee and fix the problem.
Markus and Orlando are awesome. Chatted with these guys a few months back and they are doing some great things with CompanyMood.
@joshenglish thank you very much for your support. It was a pleasure to meet you :)
What's your experience of the accuracy of the results? just wondering how "honest" employees are if they know their employer will see the results. or is it all anonymous? - if so, what's the value?
@vinay123 good question! :) You can use CompanyMood in both ways, depending on the companies culture: Transparent or anonym. In transparent mode you can see the mood of everyone in your company. That mode more or less not used, because almost no employee is comfortable to give critical feedback if their name is in it. And in the anonym mode you can only see the moods, reasons and suggestions summarized and analyzed on the department level which gives the managers important informations about the morale in the particular departments and subdepartments, etc. That's by far the most used mode. Important here: You select a mode in company creation. After that, you can switch from transparent mode to anonym mode but not from anonym to transparent. 😉 Does that answer your question accordingly?
@markusschwed hi Markus. Thanks! Useful to know. Looks like a lot of thought has gone I to CompanyMood. Well done.
@vinay123 yes, customer feedback also helped us a lot. Thank you for your thoughts and the good question! ☺️