All-in-one CRM with powerful reporting & fully customizable.

Ajay Palkhede
  • Pros: 

    Just your normal CRM. Very young still and needs a lot to improve.


    System is slow,/buggy and importing is a real pain.Their system can't detect simple mapping & CS says it is my fault for the detail. Really?

    Very disappointing.

    JAYSDSM has used this product for one month.
Huge thanks to Kevin for hunting us! We built CompanyHub because we wanted a CRM that would have customizability and reporting like Salesforce, but be very easy to use and affordable. It lets you create custom fields, tables, reports etc with just drag n drop. It also provides followup suggestions, email tracking from gmail, deal pipeline, bulk mail etc. We will also be adding coding capabilities soon - using javascript. We are very excited to share it with the community, so we can get some good feedback. Please try it and give us your reviews. You can also email me at
CompanyHub helps in every step of sales process. It auto suggests Followups so you never miss a lead. Let's you track email opens and link clicks, even from gmail. You can see your open deals on Deal Pipeline. Inbuilt reports in Dashboards give you complete visibility in sales. You can create your own reports in seconds. You can create custom fields and even custom tables with just drag and drop. It is as powerful as a visual PaaS so you can create your own apps. You can also control who can access what data and which fields.
My 5 cents, the logo is a no go. Any video demo btw ?
@_pascalandy Thanks for your suggestion. Here is a little old video, but gives a decently good idea :
Hello Abhishek! Do you plan to make Android/iOS versions?
@sweetiebelka We are about to release the mobile apps very soon
Hi Abhishek, I'm looking for a CRM such as yours that supports RTL languages, also, what email platforms do you support, WP integration is also important for me, do you have these features? Thanks!
@haimpekel We support IMAP, which is provided by most email providers. We will be providing Web to Lead shortly so you will be able to submit forms from Wordpress. Currently we support only English. Will be adding others languages soon.
@abhipreneur Thanks for the quick answer :)