Company Culture Index

A database of company culture initiatives to be inspired by

The CCI is a database of company culture initiatives. The examples range from more well-known initiatives like Summer Fridays, book clubs, and balloons for new hires, to more specific ones that companies dreamed up themselves like HubSpot's Waffle Wednesday, Fritz AI's Coffee with Customers, or REACH marketing's Hoots and Salutes. 

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Hey PH! 👋 We are over-the-moon thrilled to be sharing the Company Culture Index (CCI) today! At Compt, our mission is to help companies improve company culture by offering meaningful, personalized employee perks, and developing the Company Culture Index was a dream of ours. Marketers have Product people have And so we built the for business leaders, team managers, HR folks, and the culture-obsessed. We collaborated with tons of individuals and companies and hunted the web to develop a comprehensive collection of interesting, engaging, and unique company culture initiatives. Find your next perfect company initiative by tailoring the filters to match your needs, or simply browse the site to gain ideas and inspiration of what's possible. We're excited to hear what you think about our first version of the Company Culture Index! And, of course, we're happy to answer any of your questions!
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Congrats on the launch! I've been browsing the site for a little bit and am already finding some really unique culture initiatives, like Facebook's on-site bike repair shop ( or REI's Challenge Grants ( I like being able to see the _why_ behind the initiatives and how they align with the company's goals/culture. Thanks for making this!
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@hijonathan Hi Jonathan! Thanks for checking it out! You nailed it; we tried to pull such a wide range of company culture initiatives from every spectrum including budgets, goals, team size, etc. I think your initiative from OG HubSpot days -- the 100 Pushup Club --made it in there! :)
Love the idea, but i'm running into an error on the site which isn't letting me see anything on the CCI page.. error I see is This DataPage cannot be displayed because no fields are configured. (Caspio Bridge error) (60009)
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@goelv Hey Varun, thanks for the love. The site is up and running if you want to check it out again. Again, any and all feedback is welcome! :)
Congrats to the Compt team! This is an awesome tool that gets right to the heart of what Compt is all about: empowering people to get perks and compensation that works for them. Love that anyone at an org can search for initiatives they like and get them implemented at their own companies!
@jamesonthecrow1 Thanks for checking it out, Jameson! We're super lucky to be working closely with Fritz. I've told so many people about your 'Coffee with Customers' initiative and it's a huge hit! Now the reach of the idea isn't limited to how many people I interact with and more people can stumble across it on their own.
Congratulations on the launch! Lovin' reading about what other organizations are offering to their teams
@andygcook Thank you, Andy! There are so many cool companies out there doing cool things. We are pumped to help more companies proactively build the culture they want.