SpringRole has developed a blockchain powered protocol for professional attestations.

When an advisor claims they're an advisor for a company, this claim can be verified and attested by someone in the company. Similarly, when a company claims that a person is an advisor to them, the claim can be verified and attested by the advisor.

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Thanks @kwdinc for hunting us :) My name is Kartik and I'm the founder of SpringRole. I'm happy to announce that we have launched our first product feature- company advisory verification on the blockchain. Did you know that it is a common practice in today’s #fakeinformation world where startups (many ICO companies) use random advisor names for their benefit? This problem exists the other way too, a lot of advisors who are just starting up use names of companies without their consent while they try to get new gigs. At the core, the problem is user-generated content which is not validated. We are on a mission to eliminate situations like these. With SpringRole, you can protect your company's and advisors' online professional identity and hence promote trust. As a big fan of product hunt, I have decided to offer you'll a 100% discount. The code is PRODUCTHUNT to avail $25 off. Do give in your feedback, I'm happy to take questions!
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Much needed feature proving a good use-case for the blockchain.
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@able_joseph thank you Able.
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I have been beta-testing this for a month now, great team and execution. When building CryptoVigil last year, I would run into a bunch of scammy ICOs with fake advisors and this product goes a long way to solve it. Can't wait to see everything else SpringRole has in store.


A real use case of blockchain

Simple UX

No gas costs


Needs more PHers using it :)

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Congratulations on being hunted :-D @kar2905. I might have mentioned this to someone before. A narrow use-case for me is with freelancers, another micro segment with a massive fraud problem. For clients/companies looking for expert freelancers for a job, even if at a premium, there is no way to verify their claims, recos beyond their word. If gig economy is the future of employment, this will not remain a micro segment and some community verification method has to be built to solve this.
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@_anuragdwivedi Yes - this is a very valid point. Its something which we are building now. I'll send you the link to our invision prototype soon and would love your feedback.
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@kar2905 Look forward. Best wishes!
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This will be good use case in true sense. @Kartik we would like to interview you guys on cryptoground.com how can we discuss more about it?
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@kartik @evivz write to kartik(at)springrole(dot)com
@evivz thank you. Drop us an email