Meet your newest companion. The world's most advanced two person 72 hour emergency survival system. Fusing unmatched organization, quality, and quick access - built to withstand whatever life throws your way.

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Hello PH ! Personally, living just 14 feet away from the Woolsey fire flames, I was reminded again about the real-life significance of being prepared when life gets tough. It definitely reaffirmed the notion that it's time for us to think ahead, and invest in our own well being for when SHTF. Because at the end of the day, no matter how much insurance you have, whatever is physically by your side in those life critical moments could mean the difference between life or death. We've spent over a year developing, iterating, designing, testing, etc etc (you know product dev startup things...) and now have what we think is the best 2 person emergency kit out there. Please let us know what you think, and if anything check out our Kickstarter video. It's a good one, promise! Much ❤️PH community...OH, and if you actually decide to back us, we'll throw in a little extra bonus for for ya. If you'd like an extra pair of winterized work gloves or a N95 mask add ".44" to the end of your pledge. And then drop us a note as to what you'd like to have as a free add on (gloves or mask) 😃
@michael_reed_rr as a secret prepper and designer, this is a really great product. The best part of this Rhino pack is the clear and modular compartments. In emergency situations, you become erratic and emotional. With clearly labeling the compartments, you guys are making it easy for people to quickly get to what is needed in certain situations. Well done and I hope to see more Rhino products in the future.
@michael_reed_rr I've actually designed my own Medic Roll Packs, but I love what you guys are doing.
@sethlouey Thank you Seth! Really means a lot especially as we navigate through our early stages as a company. You nailed it.
@sethlouey And since you are familiar with the space as well if any ideas come across your mind to improve upon our pack please let us know.
@michael_reed_rr a few things I can think of right now would be to add a compass, compressed towelettes, spare batteries for the flashlights, and a tourniquet (not sure if one was in the pack).
This is great! I do a ton of hiking and mountain climbing stuff here in Ireland and I always find emergency packs are never robust enough, excited to give this a shot
@aaronoleary Thanks so much Aaron. We'd love to have our pack brave the elements of Ireland, that's for sure!