Walking home alone is dangerous. Stop doing it alone.

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Hey guys, we've been working on Companion to solve a personal problem we've seen/experienced on our college campus (University of Michigan). We're launching today into "public beta" so there may still be a few kinks to work out. I'd love to hear any and all feedback!
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@dannyfreed sweet - congrats! this seems similar to Safetrek, but with a more social element
@preetnation Thanks! Yes -- definitely a crowded market. We're focused on existing in the background (requiring very little action from the users) and automating the whole experience. The coolest stuff is yet to come though, as we begin to integrate our technology with Campus Safety departments on college campuses...
@dannyfreed awesome, good luck! Really like the UI of selecting a destination
What are the triggers for when something is wrong? Is it just going off the set map route? What if someone is mugged or sexually assaulted on the spot?
@nayafia Great question. Right now, the triggers are based on the route as well as the expected arrival time (as well as a manual trigger). We're working on adding a ton more triggers in the future that use the iPhone sensors among other things. But ultimately, we're working towards connecting this data (in an aggregate form) to campus safety + police departments so they can achieve "Predictive Patrol." Basically letting them position their officers in the best places to prevent crime in the first place.
I was mugged here in SF a few weeks ago and I think this is a great idea. The muggers got my phone and all my money and I had to walk home by myself with nothing after that. This app would also have helped me remember precisely where the mugging happened, I would imagine, which would have helped with my police report.
@squeakytoy Sorry to hear that -- hope you're recovering well (physically & emotionally). But you're exactly right. If an incident like yours does occur, we're able to go back and see a "paper trail." We think this could also be useful for cases where people go missing to at least see their last known location. Of course, they'd have to be using the app...but it's a start.
I wish this existed when my girlfriend was studying at USC (super dangerous neighborhood). Speaking of, I think USC would be an ideal place to market this product.
@narekk Great use case. I think you're right.
Really clever. Does it work the same if someone is driving home rather than walking, or hopping in an uber? In fact could be interesting to link Companion to Uber or other ridesharing platforms.
@kalivia Not yet...just walking right now. Definitely coming in the near future though!