Open engineering compensation data by company, level & skill

Open engineering compensation data at the granularity of company, level & skill set. Find exactly how much you can make and see how your compensation compares to others!

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Dope job guys!
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Nice work fellas! This kind of Data is generally inconsistent so it's great to see a consolidated single-source where we can all access it. Keep it up!
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Hi All, we started after we realized how popular the compensation data was on In order to provide a better experience and expand more on the data we've collected, we started a new site! Would love suggestions on it and on anything else you think we should provide 😄
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Very useful in gauging how much you get paid at where. Very interested in seeing what other data will be visualizing next!


Currently the only site out there that has live (and free) data on compensation across major companies.



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Going to very useful in understanding salaries for engineers across different companies.




None that I can spot