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Savings of annual travel tickets in London

Thanks for the list. We offer a low cost loan to allow a consumer to get the benefits and savings of an Annual while paying for it monthly. If you cancel your ticket we take the remaining value on the Oystercard and use it pay off the loan in full so there are no further obligations and you are totally safe. A win-win for consumers and a new type of low cost and honest credit. The best part is we fund via peer-to-peer so every single one of our loans is funded via the RateSetter platform
@ppplachkov wasn't aware of the RateSetter part - nice touch. Surely the Oyster cards come with the ticket on though, rather than credit?
@_jamesmundy that is exactly right, the Oystercard is just a carrier for the Annual ticket (which comes loaded onto the card). The credit is separate, as we pay TfL for the cost of the Annual in full upfront (as an example for Z1-4 it is £1,844) and then we collect 11 repayments from the customer that include our interest of 5.6%
Travelling in London is expensive, very expensive, but by buying a yearly travelcard regular commuters can save a lot of money over weekly or monthly tickets. However, buying these tickets costs of a lot of money up front. Commuter Club buy the ticket for you and then you pay off the loan in monthly installments. As they send you the Oyster transport card you'll use (with the ticket applied) you can cancel at any time by sending it back - I suppose they just give it to someone else who signs up to the service. They are currently raising money on Seedrs:
I should add, if anyone is interested in giving CommuterClub a go, use this code (in the final payment screen) to get £15 your first month commuting: PROMO15 at
Awesome. Added to my Getting Around by Train collection: