The Community Canvas is a framework that helps people and organizations build stronger communities. It provides a template for anyone who brings people together.

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Think of this as the "Business Model Canvas", but for communities. @halbluchs @pforti @supermombartz have spent the last 15 years building and participating in communities, and while each is unique, they've realized that they all share a similar structure. As such, the Community Canvas is making this structure visible to help people build more sustainable and successful communities.
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@chrismessina Thanks so much for hunting the Canvas Chris! We're excited to have launched it after three years of work. Great communities can be such a powerful way to connect people and share experience and knowledge. But building and maintaining communities is hard. That's where the Canvas can provide guidance and structure - whether you're trying to build a new community, or improve an existing one. We're grateful for any feedback or thoughts from other community builders!
@chrismessina thanks so much for your support Chris, very much appreciate it and would love to hear if you have any advice on how to improve future versions of the Canvas. Thank you!
One of their communities, Sandbox, has been my staple for a vibrant and warm local community ever since I've joined. Been really intrigued with how communities spawn, grow, and impact their environments, and I'm so stoked that we've come so close to basically codifying community building. Great job guys!
@timothylowzw Thanks so much for the kind words, Tim!
@timothylowzw Thanks Timothy! Sandbox and its amazing members (such as yourself) have been invaluable in helping us understand communities and create the Canvas.
Thank you all for supporting us on our journey! We are grateful for your help to reach more community builders and most importantly, learn from them. Please reach out to us if you have any feedback or advice on how we can improve future versions of the Canvas and make it as valuable as possible for community builders anywhere, and hopefully through it help the world build stronger communities.
Great work guys!
@syedaliahmed Thank you Ali and hope to see you soon!
Great job guys! Have you tested this framework on other communities besides Sandbox?
@victoria_ivanova we've built the Canvas based on observations from many different kinds of communities, would LOVE to hear any ideas you have how to improve it or how we could make it more practical for community builders!
@pforti @victoria_ivanova I'd like to see different scenarios where you deconstruct communities like: reddit or quora and show us how it really works with the philosophy of canvas.
@dardanth - yeah that's what we're thinking for next step: case studies of different kinds of communities and lots of examples!