Community Box

Easily create beautiful directories

Create beautiful directories with no coding knowledge.

A great partner to your Slack channel, Facebook group or Meetup, with a searchable overview of your community. You can even go beyond profiles and let your members upload gig listings, cat GIFs or things they’ve crafted.

Free for up to 25 entries: start growing your community today.

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Hi there! We’re excited to launch Community Box, we hope it will help all those of you who are working to build and grow communities, online or in real life ❤ With Community Box you you can manage your directories on the go with our mobile-friendly dashboard. Members can upload their own profiles right from their phones (or computers) so you don’t have to manually add or edit their details. It’s free for up to 25 entries (no credit card required) so you can start growing your community without needing to worry about the costs. Our public roadmap has all of the features that we’re planning to introduce: Please vote for your favourites or request features in the comments below 👇
Nice one Katy, just signed up and looking great. As people are becoming skeptical of the likes of Facebook, the internet is steadily moving back to smaller niche communities, and tools like this make that all the easier!
@iamfledge Cheers Ed, if you've got any feedback or suggestions do let us know 👍🏻