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Super smart. We've hacked together similar functionality using Zapier with Slack.
@rrhoover care to share any interested functionality in your setup?
@borisjabes @rrhoover I just put something together for this purpose as well. We use a landing page with an application form that creates a Trello card that triggers an IFTTT message in a private Slack channel. Though the invitation is still sent manually, our four admins can see the pending/approved/denied applications on the Trello board, which is handy.
@dylanatsmith @borisjabes @rrhoover Sounds like a pretty great workflow! Do you often have a lot of people in the pending queue? We had talked about adding an optional landing page sign up to Community Bot, but Slack history in Community Bot's channel might not be a good enough replace for your Trello board.
@sean_lynch @borisjabes @rrhoover Not too many in the queue, but we like to trickle new members in to keep the existing community engaged. Community Bot looks great but probably wouldn't work for a "waiting list" system.
Dig it. This is awesome. Simple and effective, and helps slack communities grow through referrals.
Now THERE's the elevator pitch. @dshan @sean_lynch @borisjabes @
Hi folks, I'm one of the people who made Community Bot and I'm happy to answer questions. As Sean pointed out, this is something that evolved out of our own community and we're curious to hear what other tricks and tools people use to manage large semi-open communities.
Interesting! Similar to the functionality in facebook groups when members add someone to the group and mods have to approve. But I like that this one is public, so everyone can see who's being nominated. Will have to give it a shot for our community. Small typo on page "clearbit integration shows you see who..." remove "see".
@davidspinks thanks for pointing out the typo – should be fixed. With Community Bot you can send all nominations to a channel and whoever is in that channel (regardless of whether they're an admin) can see and approve new members. So it's as public as you want it to be.
Been a happy alpha tester of this for the past few months. I think Slack is not doing a lot to support all the micro communities that have started to pop up within it. I think this type of approach is a great start. Where do you guys see this going?
@ngardideh thanks! We're not 100% sure what features will come next and we hope this launch can help us learn what problems semi-private Slack communities have. For example, we're looking at enriching the Slack directory so you can know who is in the community (e.g. areas of expertise or company they belong to). Eventually Community Bot will simply scour the world and use its AI to manage your members for you!