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Tiago AlvesMaker@alvesjtiago · @octotrack, @24agenda & @communitieslist
Hi everyone! After many years running a software development studio, I've recently started my path as a solo-maker and was looking for communities online that could help me keep accountable and focused on the work I was doing. After lots of search, I felt that there were many communities but no place where I could see the best ones and immediately start connecting with like minded people. Therefore, Communities List was born 😊 All your feedback is more than welcome and I'm looking forward to meeting each one of you personally in each of these communities! Thank you 👋
Chris Spiegl@spieglio
@alvesjtiago what a powerful idea and project. I think this is great. I see right on there. Probably the best community for makers I found yet. But there are so many more out there. And making it so much easier to find them is amazing. I am looking forward to using this site.
Tiago AlvesMaker@alvesjtiago · @octotrack, @24agenda & @communitieslist
@spieglio thank you so much for the kind words and support Chris! is definitely one of the best communities for makers right now and exactly the one that pushed me to work on this project. Looking forward to add a more diverse set of communities and get people to find where they belong 😊
Leon Pals@leonpals · Chairman Startup Foundation
Cool, I really like all the different angles that communities take, hopefully this will keep me informed of what's happening in the space, so I signed up :) Would love to see i.e. on there 😏
Tiago AlvesMaker@alvesjtiago · @octotrack, @24agenda & @communitieslist
@leonpals ask no more, Startup Foundation is now on Communities List ( 😊 thank you for the kind words and looking forward to interact more with the Startup Foundation group.
Leon Pals@leonpals · Chairman Startup Foundation
Duane Wilson✌️Pro@helloduane · I like Designing & Building Products
Hi. This looks neat. My only suggestion in terms of display of communities would be to re-think the display of the paid community icon. on Work In Progress, for example, it shows as $ / 760 users - which would be $760 per user :D There is likely a better way to display this info 🙌✌️
Tiago AlvesMaker@alvesjtiago · @octotrack, @24agenda & @communitieslist
@helloduane thank you Duane! Awesome feedback, I've just changed the display to "760 users | $" not to confuse users but there is surely a better way which I'll think over the next few days and implement. Once again, thank you very much 😊
Beth Fiedler@belecona · Happy Entrepreneur w a PH product 🙌
Congrats Tiago! Great idea to create a Communities List. 💯Notice your form consists of 5 simple questions. Am interested to learn more about your validation guidelines. Thanks very much.
Tiago AlvesMaker@alvesjtiago · @octotrack, @24agenda & @communitieslist
@belecona thank you Beth! Really appreciate it 😊 The review process is currently being done by me and for the time being I'm looking to showcase english online communities that target makers and entrepreneurs. I'll gradually expand to other areas and start including more communities. On site conferences, products to create communities or other sites that do not fit the previous criteria will not be considered. I'm also looking at other features such as voting, featured, interviews with creators and members of these communities, etc, so all feedback is more than welcome!
Beth Fiedler@belecona · Happy Entrepreneur w a PH product 🙌
@alvesjtiago Thanks a lot Tiago for your swift sharing 🙌
Jacob Rogelberg@jacobrogelberg · Founder of Designer Hangout, UX Designer
Thanks Tiago! Great project. Would love to see Designer Hangout there 🙌 If you ever want to toss around some ideas, happy to chat.
Tiago AlvesMaker@alvesjtiago · @octotrack, @24agenda & @communitieslist
@jacobrogelberg thank you Jacob! I'll review Designer Hangout soon to make sure it's included on the list 👌 It would be great to chat and discuss some ideas. Please send me an email to tiago at communitieslist dot com. Cheers!