Commsor Virtual Event Management

Simple event pages and management for your virtual events

Manually hosting virtual events on tools like Zoom is frustrating. Commsor's free event tool makes it easy for you to quickly spin up an event page, collect RSVPs, send calendar invites and more so that you can focus on your events!
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Hey Makers, Community Builders, and Event Hosts! Glad you found us :) Super excited to hear your feedback on the virtual event management tool we built. If you'd like to connect with others building communities and hosting virtual events, you can check out our private community here:
Hi Product Hunt! Really excited to share our virtual event tool with you all. We built this after hosting a number of events on Zoom and getting tired of manually collecting emails and sending calendar invites. While we have a Zoom integration, our pages work with any event tool, letting you hide the event info until a user RSVPs, and rest easy knowing that calendar invites and info are being sent automatically. We're specifically designing our event tool for those who are hosting multiple events, hence our host pages which let you easily share one link with all of your upcoming events. Lots more features in the works and coming soon! Big thank you to @mubashariqbal for hunting us. Any and all feedback is much appreciated!
@mubashariqbal @theteaguns already using this to get our slack group together for virtual video hangouts on Icebreaker. Love it so far!
Interesting and useful idea, especially the way things are currently! Will be giving this a spin
Awesome! Just created my first event. Thanks for making and sharing. What are the most exciting features you’ll be adding in the future?
@mrjasongrad Thanks for the support! We're working on adding payment support, custom registration questions, more event page themes, event subscriptions for your attendees, and integrations to more tools like Slack, Google Hangouts, etc!
You guys are shipping so fast over at Commsor! This looks like a really great platform to manage virtual events. 🙌
@dylanfeltus Thanks Dylan, excited to have you test it out!