Commonplace Book App

Digitally record quotes and book notes

Hiya, I made essentially a digital version of Ryan Holiday's notecard system for recording book notes/quotes/ideas/insights/whatever - (see below) : Quite simple and easy to use. Digital notecards. Fully searchable and taggable. Can export a JSON backup from the app too. No iCloud support since I don't trust the framework at the moment. They have deprecated core data with iCloud. Other apps have complained of losing data. Just waiting for a better solution. Until then, just export a goddamn backup that you can then save wherever you want... (I don't own an iPad too, so don't really care for syncing at the moment) I'm pretty much using it on a daily basis (audience of one). If anyone finds it useful too- shoot me some ideas to improve it on twitter. Thanks!
Reminds me some of the (now slightly neglected) [Quotebook app]( by Lickability