Focus and commit to your 3 most important tasks each day

brad dupee
  • Pros: 

    it works! I have used it for my teams for 2+ years.


    This is the simplest app to use...if you commit.

    thanks to developer!

    brad dupee has used this product for one year.
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Julia Roy
Julia RoyHunter@juliaroy · Founder, workhacks
Great tool to use in conjunction with an accountability partner.
Michel Kripalani
Michel KripalaniMaker@mkripalani
Julia - Thanks for the mention. We are constantly looking to improve CommitTo3. Feedback and comments are always welcome.
Julia Roy
Julia RoyHunter@juliaroy · Founder, workhacks
@mkripalani On a flight to San Diego as I write this. I hope we are able to meetup at some point!
Michel Kripalani
Michel KripalaniMaker@mkripalani
@juliaroy We'd love to have you visit the office. You know how to find us. Please reach out once you get settled.
Michel Kripalani
Michel Kripalani@michel_kripalani
Hello all. I'm the creator of CommitTo3. We are constantly looking to improve. If you have any feature suggestions please send them my way!
ariyagksk Tk
ariyagksk Tk@ariyagksk_tk
@michel_kripalani Great Software. Kindly add theme support to teams and 5 teams support per account