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Hey Guys! It's been two years since Commits.io was on PH. I've completely rewritten and redesigned in those two years. This improved the overall usability and speed of the site. I love this project because lots of people reach out to show me how great their poster looks once they get it. Let me know if you have any questions.
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cool concept, but i guess pretty much everybody that uses github could create one of these on their own in notime and have it printed for a lot less than $50. maybe you could come up with something "else" than just concatenating the code and giving it a vector overlay. code snippets that appear more frequent could be printed larger. the acutal commit content could play a role too, like crossing out the code that was deleted or something. i feel like theres a lot you can do in this field and you need to execute it in way that somebody like me cannot recreate it in 5min.
@gopietz If you look closely it isn't actually a svg overlay, rather each individual character is assigned a color that matches the pixel color of the image grid.
@gopietz I appreciate that you mean no harm, but I think you're trivialising Sumeet's work. Of course, anybody who uses GitHub could have created one of their own if they want to, but not just in "no time". Personally, as an experienced engineer and someone who uses GitHub on a daily basis, I'm not certain I could do this to a professional standard in 5 minutes. I could do it, for sure, but I'd want to experiment with printing, make sure that there aren't any weird problems with certain characters, experiment with margins, make sure I've got a decent print shop to get it out. Maybe that's just me, though! Anyway, I'm sure he'll appreciate your fun suggestions, but I wouldn't recommend trivialising someone's work like this :)
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@basicallydan i see your point. i wanted to express that i like the idea, but i'm not going to become a customer of his current offering/pricing. i meant to put some reason behind that decision and gave a few ideas for inspiration/improvement. personally i see more value in giving constructive feedback than saying nothing. this is a community of people trying to build a business after all. reasoning why i'm not becoming a customer is valuable information for the maker. especially because i really did like the concept. actually i just built a desktop background based on this concept. take care.
@gopietz Fair enough, thank you for clarifying :) πŸ‘
pretty cool :)
Thats awesome artwork. To make something so technical into something so creative