Create a poster for your office using your code

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Pretty cool. We should create a collection of personalized art. There are more and more products that use 3rd party UGC to create something new. SoundwaveMug, SoundViz, and My Year Printed are a few that come to mind.
Nikunj Kothari
Senior PM, Opendoor
@rrhoover I was just thinking of this and created a collection:
Gabriel PuliattiFounder, Emptor
This is great! Sharing it with the rest of the team. One tip– why not grab the code from the repo URL, too? Just append the .git string if it's not there! :)
Mike Coutermarsh
Used to build Product Hunt. Now GitHub
@gpuliatti was thinking the same thing!
It would be cool if you could select the background and text colors! I would go with a black background and lime green text a la Hacker Typer.
Lee ArmstrongCTO, Plane Finder
Can't see an option to use a private repo. That would be cool.
Moritz Kobrna
Developer & Co-Founder @getbedtimestory
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