Check that commit messages adhere to your team's convention

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CommitLint will fail commit messages, in a GitHub pull request, that don't adhere to your team's convention. This brings consistency to your project and makes searching commits easier.

Matthew Murray
Warren Pearson
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  • steve barrett
    steve barrettTechnician , power systems

    Interesting to a novice


    Non as yet

    Novice at programming so anything that helps is good

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Sebastien@sebasti_en · Software Engineer
Hey 👋 Looking really cool! I wouldn't mind using something like this in my projects to be honest. I know your product is quite new, however, I could suggest you with a new feature already. You could do a full JIRA integration where the CommitLint would query a JIRA project to make sure the ticket number in the commit really exists 🙂 Congrats on this!
Tom Kadwill
Tom KadwillMaker@tomkadwill · I like building products
@sebasti_en Thanks! That's a great idea. I'll add that to the backlog