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Haha. So this is interesting: The image with the blue background is actually my commit history on GitHub. I posted that in a private Slack group, and someone later posted it as an example on Twitter, and now it's on Product Hunt! I was actually kind of amazed at how cool the poster came out when I tried this service. There are so many little stories in this poster! The biggest is the one at the end where there are no commits for a few months, which is when my family and I took around nine months off and spent six of those months in Japan. You can see I start picking up on a new open source project toward the end and started doing a little consulting, but what an amazing experience to have that much time away from the keyboard. I can also see lots of "crunches" from major projects I worked on in the years prior. I can see two week stretches where I forced myself off the computer so I could vacation with my family at the cottage, or other stretches where I took trips to other countries, or went to be with a family member in a time of sickness. All those memories are embedded in that data. When I first saw this, I thought it was cool, but after looking at my own data in it, I realized it's actually way cooler than I first thought. It's a really strange way to go down memory lane.
Thanks for hunting @sudoloic! Hey all, I made this as an abstract way to visualize your commit history over time. I thought it was a really fun way to remember what was going on in your life during certain periods. I love stuff like this that inadvertently creates a sort of journal or log of your life without you having to manually write anything down. Like @andrewculver said, it's fun too look back and think "that was vacation" or "that was the big launch". I also happen to think they are beautiful, but I'm a bit biased ;)
This service is so cool. Working with code is satisfying, but so intangible. Really cool to have a physical item to show off all your hard work.
Haha. Cool idea! But looks like somebody tested a pen.
@aarondfrancis yeah, smth. like this:
@perpetuous Hahaha. You're right.
This idea is dope! And it's pretty cool that you could simply download the image.
@edelweissting You're welcome! ;)