Creating a single view of Australian companies

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Jordan Wray
Jordan WrayHunter@jordanwray · VP, Jordan McMullen
We are creating a single view of Australian companies for any businesses that deal with, or wish to deal with, the Australian market. Using our advanced search and filtering technology, you can selectively narrow down our database of over 2.8 million Australian companies to find all of the businesses you deal with and identify the business leads that best meet the criteria of your desired clients and customers. This is possible because we have profiled over 2.8 million Australian businesses through collation of data from a wide range of publicly available web and open government data sources. More business profiles and data is being constantly added and updated. We have developed proprietary technology to gather publically-available business data from a wide range of sources. These data sources broadly fall into two categories: – Government Open Data (e.g. from ASIC, IP Australia, AusTender, and other countries equivalent open data sources) – Publically-available data from the internet (e.g. company websites, social media, news sources, and legal sources) We then make sense of this data by matching it into company profiles and using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to enhance the usability of the data and attempt to validate its accuracy. This data can then be accessed via our web application or API. Hope you enjoy, and ask us for a trial!