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Market to your customers directly on Facebook Messenger

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Thanks for hunting us @micrv. We are super excited to share Comment Convert with the PH community. If you have a Facebook Page then this is epic as it allows you to automatically send a message to any one who comments on one of your posts. - If you are a marketer you can use this to acquire leads and market to them on messenger. - If you are an advertiser you can sell products to potential customers through messenger. - If you are a product owner you can send people something cool on messenger. You can also check out a live demo of the product here: And if you want to read our story check our Medium post here:
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Nice one. Slick solution as ever. How do you keep churning out such great products at such a rate?! Well done folks.
Hey, thanks @hunterdoug, I got to give it to @edmoyse and @hyharryhuang , their process for building lean products is super efficient!
@jrosstreacher @edmoyse @hyharryhuang Well, whoever is involved. Hats off. Keep them coming. I am impressed.
@hunterdoug @jrosstreacher @edmoyse cheers! hopefully you'll find it useful :)
Interesting! I'm using Messenger more and more to engage with leads and customers. Could you tell me if this is compliant with Facebook's terms and conditions?
Hey @gillesdc thanks for the comment, yes it is compliant with Facebook's Terms and as our application uses Facebook's API we had to be approved by them.
Great! I need this in my life tbh
@vincentdignan yeah, that was my thinking. Also, Vince, love the new book.
Can I use this to send coupon codes for my shop to people on Facebook? Looks awesome!
@louise_croft Yes and this is a killer use case which loads of my ecommerce friends are using!
@jrosstreacher @louise_croft Ok sweet. Thanks! Excited to go try it out.