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Very nicely executed and something I'd want my (imaginary) devops guy using every day. The recipes are a killer feature. I also love the name. Memorable, slightly subversive, and completely on-subject.
I'm the founder of Commando.io. Please feel free to ask any questions and provide feedback.
Beautiful design, @johnny5sf. Although this appears to be marketed toward developers, I imagine this being very useful to empower non-tech folks as well. I'm curious, what's the Hall of Fame (https://commando.io/security.html) about? I ask because I'm thinking of creating something like that to recognize people that have helped work on Product Hunt. :)
@rrhoover our hall of fame is for users who responsibly reported security vulnerabilities via our whitehat program.
@munsonbh thanks for the kind words. What sort of recipes would be the most valuable for you? For example, setup of stacks (LAMP, django, node.js + MongoDB), deployments, or server maintenance and provisioning?