Command Line Productivity

A Pomodoro meets GTD productivity pack for Alfred

Command Line Productivity is a productivity workflow system built on Alfred for Mac. It turns your Mac back into a place where work gets done instead of another distraction device.

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Thanks for hunting, Bram! I got the idea for CLP last year when I started to feel like my Mac was working against me. My main project, Code-Free Startup, was growing quickly and I found myself needing to focus and record a lot of course material. But between Chrome tabs and Slack chats, I kept getting distracted. I use Alfred 3 for a lot of stuff, so I checked to see if anyone had built productivity workflows and was surprised to see nothing out there. So I made a simple script that would quit all apps and open my todo list when I typed in “need to get work done” into Alfred, that was super refreshing. After working and building this out over the last 8 months, I integrated Pomodoro timers, research tools, and a lot of other stuff to help streamline how I got stuff done. And it seriously worked. I ended 2017 having recorded 119 videos averaging 17 minutes each, and that was way more productive than I’ve ever been. So I took all of my workflows, packaged them up and recorded a bunch of video guides to set them up, integrate with your workflow, etc. Let me know what you think! Happy to answer questions here and would love to know your other favorite Alfred workflows.
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@brentsum Wow this sounds amazing, time is the most precious commodity in my working day so anything that gets me more of it is a winner
@abadesi seems like more stuff designed to distract us every day too :) hopefully more apps come out to help us win the battle of time vs our devices
@brentsum This is damn amazing! I have the Alfred app sitting on my Mac for a while and I didn't use it because I don't know how to! I have been waiting for this course to come since you announced it in one of your newsletters last year. So happy to finally being able to put it into good use and increase my productivity! Thanks for this Brent! Btw, great music in the intro video! :)
Ironically I'm coming across this _because_ I'm wasting time
Boosted my productivity tons, thanks again Brent! Never managed to get my hands dirty with Alfred workflows before but this was definitely a very good starting point. Would recommend it to anyone!
@farbodsaraf Glad you're enjoying it Farbod!
Came across this earlier in the day, loved the idea, bought it, tweaked my Alfred workflows a bit, and I'm already super impressed and excited about the possibilities. Thanks @brentsum for putting this all together. Now it's time to double down on deep work!
@chuckmeister9 awesome! Great to hear you're already getting deep work done :)