Command is the ultimate Instagram growth and collaboration tool designed specifically for influencers and brands. For over two years, Command has been helping IG'ers grow and optimize their accounts.

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Hi Folks! I started Command when I was a Sophomore in college and it’s really grown over the the years. Originally, it was an alternative to all the crappy, unoriginal Instagram followers apps but it’s become so much more. We have hourly analytics on followers and likes, personalized Instagram profile and hashtag recommendations, and a newly introduced influencer network to help brands find niche-specific creators to promote their products. Thanks for the hunt and support!
@zacharyshakked Hey Zachary, will this application continue to function given Facebook's recent changes to their API? This seems like a lot of info pulled from the private API which are fully deprecated at the end of December.
Hello Product Hunters 👋

 I just heard about this app today, I was curious to know if anyone here has tried it before and had a positive or negative experience?
@guillaumebardet Thanks for the hunt! Where’d you hear about us from?
You're very welcome @zacharyshakked! It seems like a great tool. To be honest I don't exactly recall but I am quite sure it was under the 'You May Also Like' section.
@zacharyshakked building the new influencer network piece into Command was so smart. Are you going to add some more filters in the near future for helping drill down on a specific group of influencers?
@j_sherz Yep! Looking to add location and time zone filters by the end of next week!

Big fan of the insights it gives - particularly time of day to post


Great tool for IG growth



This seems like a great tool. I wanna try it. Unfortunately, I don't have an iOS device. Any plan for Android?
@mubaris In the past, it never felt like Android was in our future but recently, it’s becoming more and more likely. I hope to bring it to Android within the next year hopefully.
Agreed. I'll be looking forward to seeing this on Android!