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Help train's self-driving car

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These types of things should replace CAPTCHA's
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@bentossell hold on honey I have to color the sky
@bentossell Next step, partnership with elementary schools :)
I doubt very many people are going to take the time to draw out these pictures on an ongoing basis, so you'll have to continually market to new people who will try it out once, or you'll have to pay people to do it. Wouldn't it be better for you to take a best guess at highlighting a region and then simply ask people to confirm? For example, you'd show two pictures, one with the original and one with your best guess of the sky highlighted and ask "Is this highlight of the sky accurate, yes or no?".
Upvote (13)Share have released a pretty addictive tool that lets you help train the machine learning behind their self-driving car. You are presented with a photo from a car dash-cam phone and then asked to color in sections of the image; like which part of the image is the sky, which part the road, identify any traffic signs etc. In a future release, they will reward your work coloring in photos with "comma points", their reward point system. They haven't announced what comma points will be able to be redeemed for in the future, but George (the ceo) has said that you'll definitely want them. They've also opensourced the code behind the project here:
The only downside I see is trolls. They're everywhere, and if they start coloring the road as the sky or cars as trees, the models made by the algorithms won't work. I hope many people truly help.
@carlosherrera I would hope they follow the best practice of giving the same picture to several folks and then "voting" the result to the neural net behind it. You can still get some trolling that way, but it has to be a lot more organized and is more inclined to implode under its own weight.
@carlosherrera Trolls could be eliminated by having multiple people color the same photo and having a human pick the best/worst photo to train the network.
I'd be all for this if it was open source software, but this is essentially saying "hey do the work of improving our self driving algorithm for free, so that our founders and investors can be enriched". Nice try George Hotz.
@ghobs91 re doing work for free for free: As stated, users will be rewarded with comma points, which is their reward system. This is just the mvp
@_jacksmith @ghobs91 and what do these comma points get you?
@ghobs91 I don't know him personally, but i've never read about, or seen him make any action that would be solely for personal gain.
@sabrisjourney per my comment above they haven't announced what the comma points will get you yet. I'd guess they'll skip you up the line to get the device, or get you a free device or something
@_jacksmith Perhaps i'm a bit skeptical about this at this point. I respect Geohotz because he's a brilliant mind and i've followed his progress. I also saw the interview where he announced the first two projects by comma to get people involved in training the neural network but this whole comma points is not a good incentive. Might as well be brownie points at this point. " Here you do a lot of the work to train our cars and we give you some random points".