Open source self-driving car platform

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If this paves the way for a self-driving car that doesn't draw attention to itself, would that make said car a Comma Chameleon?
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@wfb Well, I'm sure it would come and go. ;)
@xtoq Driving would be easy if the controls were run by stream
@chrismessina @realgeorgehotz Yep, and 80 GB of highway driving open data was released back in August.
@chrismessina @realgeorgehotz If you're interested here is the letter requesting more information that was sent to them. It doesn't "shut them down", its a request for more information about the the product.
@chrismessina @realgeorgehotz This project seems to be mostly but not all open source for now – e.g.:
@chrismessina @realgeorgehotz So "regulators shut down" is definitely a heavy spin on it, quite SV episode - worthy : from the same source you mentioned, I get this I agree the article you mentioned is not super clear and hints at NHTSA overreach, but, as they say "This 'aftermarket upgrade,' as you describe it, is replacement motor vehicle equipment and your company is a manufacturer of motor vehicle equipment subject to the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Safety Act), 49 U.S.C. Chapter 301, under NHTSA's oversight. It is essential that you are aware of and in full compliance with your legal responsibilities to ensure vehicle safety before introducing this product into commerce". And as the article points out, this is not a surprise and I personally support this kind of move : otherwise, what's preventing me from claiming my app makes your car self-driving, then someone gets killed bc my user trusted it too much (or my app just failed)... I think regulation should indeed keep up with the tech there & the tech should indeed be regulated. Regardless, Open-sourcing it is a great move though, I do applaud that as well as the work that went into making the product ! I especially liked the idea of putting the app out there first to crowd-source the learning initially.
Security will be a problem, the way it has been for Android, but this time with more deadly consequences.
so what is Geohot going to work on next??
@orliesaurus autopilot for planes... unless it's regulated.
@eamonga interesting dont they already have autopilot?
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