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πŸ‘‹ all! just wanted to share a little more about Comma. we built Comma because we felt like more and more of our emails these days are not communication, but rather content. This is especially true of personal email as so much of that communication has moved to messaging apps. So if we're mostly using email to read content then shouldn't the email reader be designed for content viewing? That was the idea behind Comma. This early version lets you choose email content that you want to read in Comma without the distraction of actual email. You can even set your emails to auto archive in Gmail after you read them in Comma. We also have a list of featured newsletters which you can subscribe to instantly, within Comma. Lastly you can favorite either newsletters, or individual articles within a newsletter to go back to. Soon we will add our own reader view as well as offline mode where content is pre-downloaded so you can read in the subway. Huge thanks to @paulwong90 for being the one-man dev team for this app :)
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@mitali @paulwong90 Paul kills it. I remember meeting him on a megabus a few years back when he was studying math. He seemed p dissatisfied with the theory he was learning in school and I told him about hackathons. A few months later, I'm walking around MHacks and who do I run into but Paul himself. He decides to pick up iOS and next thing I know he's winning best iOS app. He didn't stop there and I've had the privilege of seeing him build phenomenal iPhone apps one after another. Can't wait to see how Comma develops!
@davefontenot @paulwong90 yes! Paul is the best. can't believe how fast and how awesomely he built Comma
@davefontenot @mitali Thank you, Dave! ❀️
@mitali @paulwong90 Nominating Rad Reads by @khemaridh to be featured!
@carmen_feliciano @khemaridh Hey Carmen, glad you are using Comma, and thanks for the nomination. We'll be looking into it right now! ;)
Counting down to be an Android beta tester, hope it takes off on iOS to justify it!
@brendan_o Brenda, thank you for the encouragement, we'll do our best!! ;)
@brendan_o if you know an Android developer who would want to work on this please let us know!
@brendan_o I wish I could like this twice.
Why isn't there a Google Reader for the millions of email newsletters around the world? I've been using Comma on my iPhone as of late and it does exactly this, first scanning your Google Account for associated email content and presenting daily reading in an easy way to digest. There's also a "featured" section that allows you discover new and upcoming newsletters that you normally wouldn't be able to find. Feature request, @mitali and @paulwong90: I'd love to have a "reader" view similar to Instapaper or Nuzzel of newsletter content once I tap into a card v. an in-app browser. Any plans for that?
@daveambrose @mitali @paulwong90 (DOWNLOADS THIS IMMEDIATELY) This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for!
@daveambrose Dave, thank you for hunting us! I love your idea of a "reader" view like that of Nuzzel. Yes, our next step is going in that direction, to make Comma with an enhanced visual graphic outlook!
@pe_feeds Sumeet, we are so glad that Comma is what you've been looking for! Please feel free to leave us feedbacks, when the time comes, so we can iterate more on this product!
thanks @daveambrose for hunting us! we are definitely planning on our own reader soon. also we plan to pre download content so you can read offline
Just downloaded it. Actually it's immediately useful to me. I subscribe to a bunch of newsletters and it can get hard to keep track. This is a dope app with super clean UI!
@thathoo Rahul, we are so glad it is very useful to you! Please keep us posted on your experience, and we'd love hear more from ya!