Comixology Unlimited

Netflix for comics and graphics novels by Amazon

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I would love to see a Service that offers: Marvel, DC Comics & Mangas at the same time.
I have a real issue with this, and that's that the creators will receive next to nothing from the subscription fee. Even the publishers won't make much. Amazon, though, will make out like bandits.
@ninthart That's comics in general though.
@shloky what, so this should be no different? I take your point, but I was kind of hoping that things might eventually start changing for the better now we're in the digital comics era. Evidently not.
@ninthart I bought tons of dc and marvels through Comixology. And now that they release this service, went through what they have in the Unlimited service. Realised this isn't making the creators less profitable. Actually slightly more or even more profitable. It's totally different compared to Spotify. Only the old collections / issues are under Unlimited. For example, The Walking Dead Vol 1 and 2 are available in Unlimited. Currently the series are already Vol 25. Those old issues or volumes might not be even making a single cent here. I find it in a way its more for people who want to kickstart series, in a long run, more readers more purchases. I might even start reading 2 volumes of Scott Pilgrim and end buying the rest of 4 volumes.
Great. I am a big manga collector but it is getting to much. I have already migrate CD and BD off to streaming such as Spotify and Netflix. Manga is the final piece of puzzles for me. I will definitely use Comixology if we have more Manga like One Piece, Naruto and etc etc.
@kzynakamura Crunchyroll has been offering unlimited Manga for ages. IIRC its $6.95 a month. Plus it includes anime too πŸ˜‰
Whoa, been waiting for something like this.
@willrax Marvel has their own service for $9.99 a month. Its surprisingly very large and apparently 90% of comics post 2000 are included. No free trial though.
It's basically Netflix for digital comic books, graphic novels, and manga. Unlimited reading, with offline support. OMG.
@chrismessina 1. About time! 2. Is DC in there or not? (I'm guessing not. From that screenshot, it looks like the same breadth of publishers that allowed subscription reading on Scribd.)
@noahmittman @chrismessina it would appear that DC graphic novels are included. Marvel too.
@ryanmtaylor @chrismessina Well yeah, you could always *buy* DC & Marvel comics from Comixology. However, I'm not seeing any "borrow" links anywhere while logged into Unlimited.