Mobile app that transforms your chats into comic strips

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We with our cross-platform device support, artificial-intelligence NLP engine, 3D game rendering core and carrier-class cloud infrastructure - and TextEthan gets 10 times more upvotes... (although I must admit, Ethan does sounds like lots of fun. I have to try it) But that proves our point! People looking to mix their chats up with more fun! We're all about that
@uvhertzog Don't be discouraged. Ethan did something really novel, and a bit quirky, it seems to have struck a chord, both good and band, throughout the productverse :)
"Make your chats fun with the best comics chat app! Turn boring yaps with friends, family and strangers to awesome comics and share around. Once you start, you'll never go back chatting otherwise."
This immediately was a throwback for me, to Microsoft Comic Chat!