Build coming soon page to get early feedback

Build coming soon page for your product so that you can validate your idea and get feedback from the audience who interests in your product as early as possible.

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Hey! What was the inspiration behind this? Would love to hear more about it.
@nickabouzeid @amrith Hi, for me, a lot of blogs and interviews are suggesting us to validate the idea before start making a product, so I started thinking that a coming soon page might be useful. With more work I've done for Cominsoon, more questions occurred to me like how to help founders setup SEO, how to get feedback from the audience and how do we know the subscription will translate into sales(A person ask me this question today). So I'm not going to build Cominsoon as another website builder, in the next phrase, I would like to put more focus on how to follow and interact with the audience.
@nickabouzeid Ship team is on deck ;)
Product Hunt should try something like this.........
@mickc79 I was thinking the same! Wouldn't it be great :D
Disregarding my other somewhat sarcastic comment I’d like to know how you expect to get eyeballs. With sites like this, the crucial element is traffic. This works for Product Hunt because they organically have a ton of traffic, so if I host my “coming soon” page here, it will get seen. Other than people with products of their own, going to your site from this one, who is going to visit your site?
@mickc79 Yeah, I was thinking about it when Ship came out. The traffic on ProductHunt mostly from makers, we discuss the product and get inspiration here. However, if you have built a coming-soon page for your product(e.g., Facebook), I believe you more likely want to advertise it in other places like campus forum instead of here. That is why I keep templates for Cominsoon and optimize SEO for created pages so that the founders can customize the page and show it to the potential customers(not makers or hackers).
@wwayne_me ok, I don’t think that answers the question about how you will amass mega traffic. It fair enough. Product hunt is ideally suited for a product like “coming soon” because it has a huge amount of traffic. I would argue that it’s definitely not just makers who come here. In fact I know it’s not because I know many people who come here who are early adopters as opposed to makers.
Seems pretty cool, might give it a go. Love the logo! The "search for image" functionality doesnt seem to work. Looks like you are getting a 401 form the /photo/search endpoint.
@benoj Thanks for reminding me :) I just removed the auth restriction on this endpoint and re-deployed
Needs a mobile device template showing a screenshot or two on a iOS and Android devices.