Hackable, open-source sex toys (pre-launch)

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I feel like there are interesting applications between this and the ProductHunt API
@rossdcurrie Wish I had thought of that before we launched the campaign. My Mod would be buzzing pretty good right now.
@rossdcurrie Every upvote gives you a happy surprise
we just had vibease on product hunt cc @hermioneway
When I ended up on a page on the site on how to make artificial semen with realistic 'action' .. I closed that tab and went to another one. I'm no prude but.. yeah.
@mattarevalo Don't know how far you got in to that article, but it's just a dildo with a turkey baster in it, and yogurt mixed with lube. Pretty silly and barely NSFW. It's definitely not for everyone, but it's a really easy DIY project, and there are plenty of people with that particular kink.
The video is surprisingly well done! Re. the entire connected universe, there's another company competing for this space, too:
@daveambrose This looks really cool, but it's not clear how open it's going to be, and we're really trying to push beyond the phone screen for interaction design. Starring at a touch screen and using a vibrator at the same time isn't very easy.
Paul here from @comingle_io. HMU if you have questions or comments. Ideas for add-ons???