Comic Cruncher

Visualize appearances per year of comic book characters 💥

Visualize and compare comic book appearances per year for Marvel and DC characters.

Characters on Comic Cruncher are copyright of Marvel or DC comics respectively (and as noted).

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Aimee and I have been working on this project the last couple of months to satisfy our desires to find out more about the types of appearances our favorite comic book characters have had. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
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Data and comic books! 🤓💥🙏
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Awesome! Just curious, where do you pull the data from? or a similar site?
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@barnabybones Glad you like it!! The characters were populated from the Marvel API and DC website. The issue data that matches up with the characters come from a variety of sources that were scraped and match closely with the Marvel Wikia,, and Variant covers, reprints, cover-only appearances, and all that stuff wouldn't count as an appearance.
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This is so cool. I admire the effort
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!!! This is so cool - bravo to you both on this 💃💃💃
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