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Beau Trincia
Beau Trincia@trincia · VP of Design, Building Robotics, Inc.
@mscccc, we've also experienced countless stories of uncomfortable temperatures. It's definitely a big problem for happiness and productivity and these systems waste a lot of energy. Access to working thermostats can help, but we find that Comfy's machine learning can optimize the systems based on people's requests. Sort of like a Nest thermostat for a multi-zone office.
Kunaal Arya
Kunaal AryaHunter@kunaalarya · BD, Kiip
This looks cool, though may be a bit of a stretch unless you have a modern office and employees are that upset about the temperature.
Mike Coutermarsh
Mike Coutermarsh@mscccc · Code @ GitHub
Hah, interesting. I've never been in an office where people didn't constantly complain about temperature. It's def a real problem. I'm not sure if this solution is much better than just having thermostats accessible to employees. If I worked in a building that had this... I'd totally use it though.
Derek Skaletsky
Derek Skaletsky@dskaletsky · Head of Product, Kissmetrics
Any HVAC pros on PH? Love to hear your thoughts on this one...
Beau Trincia
Beau Trincia@trincia · VP of Design, Building Robotics, Inc.
Thanks @kunaalarya I'm a UX Designer on the Comfy @bldgrobotics team. I've been to the Kiip office and it's an awesome space, but you're right, older buildings like yours typically don't have the HVAC systems compatible with Comfy unless they've been retrofitted. More specifically, it works with any building that has a central digital controls system with VAVs or VRVs. So most office buildings built since the 70s qualify.
Kunaal Arya
Kunaal AryaHunter@kunaalarya · BD, Kiip
@trincia that's awesome. got ahead of myself without the hvac experience. best of luck, looks like a great idea!