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It's really important for companies to be approachable across different platforms. What does Comet Chat solve that current solutions just cannot compete on? In my opinion, the current interface looks quite 'old-school'/dated - is there a way for companies to skin the current chat to adapt to their sites? Even themes? @anant_garg
@bentossell I think the girl in that screenshot is from Google Hangouts...!
@bentossell @seanbolak I'm not really in-the-know, what other embeddable p2p messaging solutions are out there? I agree the interface looks awful, but I'm not aware of any directly competing products. Most are DIY like Layer, or Pubnub, etc.
@bentossell Hi Ben! CometChat is in a unique space. We are not competing with Intercom Analyze or Chatra (as someone has added in the similar products list). We enable users of a site/app to chat with each other. So think of it more like having Facebook Messenger for your site than Zopim/Olark. Let me also answer both your questions: - What does Comet Chat solve that current solutions just cannot compete on? We offer cross-platform compatibility across web browsers, mobile & desktop (I don't know of anyone else supporting desktop). Our solution is ready to use and requires very little DIY and we have hundreds of features which you can switch on/off as per your needs: Since we provide most of the source code as well, you can adapt CometChat very quickly for your use case. - In my opinion, the current interface looks quite 'old-school'/dated - is there a way for companies to skin the current chat to adapt to their sites? Even themes? I just realized the screenshots uploaded are super outdated. You can easily modify the CSS/Javascript to skin the chat as well as create your own new themes. We also have a number of themes:
@rubencodes @bentossell Hi Ruben! To answer your question, most solutions offered are DIY. We provide you with a complete solution (with the option of using just bare bones). So it is much quicker to go live. As I mentioned before, the screenshots of our interface which you may have seen might be outdated. You can check out our latest themes at You can also easily modify the themes as per your needs.
Hi guys! Thank you for featuring us again. We were featured before for one of our products, Apptuse. I am Anant Garg, the founder of CometChat. We've spent about 6 years building our product and CometChat has come a long way since then. CometChat is one of the leading chat solutions to enable your site/app users to chat. We support cross platform chat across web, mobile & desktop. So your users can be on your website, or in your app and they can all chat with each other. We also have a Desktop Messenger (for Win & Mac) which will enable your users to chat directly from the desktop. So effectively, your users can login with the same credentials as your site/app and they can then chat from anywhere. Here are some links that would interest you: - For web: - For mobile: If you have your own app, then you can check our SDK- If not, then we have white-labelled mobile apps that we can upload in your name- - For desktop: Once you integrate our core, it is very simple to add-on support for mobile & desktop. Our White-labelled Mobile App & Desktop Messenger make it real easy to add support for mobile & desktop without the need of creating your own apps. If you do have your own mobile app, then you can always use our SDK. Over the years, we have seen a number of useful use-cases for CometChat- - Adding audio, video & text chat to a dating or social networking site or app - Enabling sellers & buyers to chat in a classified-style site or app - Enable company employees to chat on an intranet (e.g. on a Sharepoint site) - Having students connect with professors in an online portal (e.g. on a Moodle site) The above list is not exhaustive, but will give you a good understanding of how you can use CometChat. Last but not least, the screenshots uploaded to PH are outdated (updating them shortly); you can check out our latest themes at: Do let me know if you have any questions and I'd be happy to answer them.
Played with their demos a bit and it works well. Different skins copy after the major platforms (Facebook, Hangouts, etc) and it appears to allow for custom CSS but I couldn't find where. I could see this being a big deal for enterprise tools and software with seat licenses.
@paulprins Hi Paul! We have a self-hosted solution in which you can completely customize the CSS/Javascript as per your needs and even create your own themes.
Interface looks really bad. REALLY BAD. Why would I use Comet Chat over another solution?
@seanbolak Hi Sean, sorry joined the party a little late. I just realized the screenshots uploaded are super outdated. I've asked the team to update them. We have a number of themes which you can use to customize CometChat. Here is a link to check the themes out: We also provide full CSS and Javascript code; so it is fairly to create your own theme and modify the UI as per your needs.
@seanbolak Please refer to the media adds, these are screens from our newer UI.
@seanbolak Please refer to the media adds, I have added screen shots of a newer UI.
@amit0101 @seanbolak Thanks Amit for updating the screenshots.